Fiber Size .019
MicroDOTTM Yes
Pin Count 3/5
IronCladTM Fibers Yes
Pin Guard OD/ID 2.29" / 1.8"
Elevation range of movement 3.10"
Windage range of movement 1.45"
Weight(with no options) 6 oz
Light Included
Frame Construction Aluminum
Pin guard Construction Aluminum
Bubble Level Yes
Finish Black/Camo
Micro adjustable Yes
3rd axis adjustment Yes
2nd axis adjustment Yes
RH/LH Convertible Yes
Lens adaptable Yes
Dovetail extension No

Pro shop owner Jeremy Hall and country music singer Troy Gentry invented TST Technology and asked Copper John to develop and produce the product at the 2013 ATA Trade Show


Models Available

SKU Description MSRP

TST - micro - 3 pin 019 fiber - BLACK


TST - micro - 5 pin 019 fiber - BLACK


TST - micro - 3 pin 019 fiber - LOST


TST - micro - 5 pin 019 fiber - LOST


TST - micro - 3 pin 019 fiber - BREAKUP INFINITY


TST - micro - 5 pin 019 fiber - BREAKUP INFINITY


TST lens bezel kit—1.875” (Lens sold separately)


Rheostat After Burner Light


Varies Lenses offered in 2X, 4X, 6X


What does Torque Synchronization Technology do and why is it better? In a nutshell, the advent of compound bows introduced torque into the life of a bow hunter. Most compound bow setups require cable guards that force the cables off to the side to allow the arrow to fly directly through the center shot. That offset introduces torque and causes the setup to “twist” about the grip.

Torque causes a standard sight mounting configuration to force the sight pins sideways to one direction and the arrow tip sideways in the other direction during the draw cycle. That opposite motion magnifies the effects of torque and cuts your accuracy in half.

You can mitigate the effects of torque when you sight in your bow, but that is only good for shots where your posture and stance are consistent. How often does that happen when you’re hunting?

Like it or not, hunting shots come at odd angles when your heart is racing and your adrenalin is pumping. You don’t get a warm up shot and you certainly don’t get any second chances.The bowhunter needs a sight that helps him compensate for those variables at the moment of truth and Torque Synchronization Technology does just that.


What our prototype team had to say…“I love how I can rest my bow on my shoulder when I walk without having the sight get in the way”

“I really like the pointer for the windage and elevation scale.”

“My bow feels more naturally balanced with the sight head in line with my cams. “

“I am more accurate with this setup, particularly under high pressure shots.”


“The added protection of having the sight inside the limbs is a hidden gem.  I can’t tell you how many times I have dropped my bow and damaged my sight.  This setup offers so much more protection for the pins and fiber.  Add to that Copper John’s IronClad fiber optics and this sight stands head and shoulders above the rest.”



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