Where did the name Copper John come from?

There is a prison about 150 yards away from our factory. On top of the roof, stands a statue of a prison guard. Local legend has it that the statue was carved by inmates. In any event, law enforcement officials used to be called “Coppers” because their badges were made of copper. Since John is a fairly common name, the locals began referring to the statue as “Copper John”. We can see the statue from both the front and back doors of our factory.

What is Copper John Corp’s relation to Stanislawski Archery Products?

Copper John Corp purchased Stanislawski Archery Products from Mel Stanislawski in 2002 and operates it as a stand alone company. It has a unique and separate brand image. Some overhead items are shared to keep costs down, for example, we maintain one single factory and one sales staff.