What is SoloPlane Technology?

SoloPlane Technology is the use of multiple pin tracks to eliminate the see saw pattern in the pin tips when a bow is at full draw. It is also how we achieve zero pin gap. By using multiple tracks, we ensure that the pin base itself does not interfere with the pin base of other pins; this allows us to get zero pin gap. By bending the pins on the outer tracks inward such that the tips all line up on the same line and plane, we are able to eliminate the see saw pattern in the pin tips when at full draw.

What is the difference between the original Dead Nuts Hunter, and the Dead Nuts Pro?

The difference between the pro and the standard is two fold: 1) the pins on the Pro are .029, but the pins on the Pro II and III are .019;On the standard they are .029. The other difference is that on the Standard, the level setting feature and the vertical gang adjustment are integrated, consequently, when you adjust one, you must readjust the other. On the pro, they are independent of one another and do no require such attention. Basically we suggest the standard for people who only hunt, and the pro for people who hunt and do 3D or who do 3D exclusively. We also have the Dead Nuts Pro II, which is the same as the Dead Nuts Pro except that it has a extension and a dovetail mount. It allows you to adjust the distance between your peep and the pins with more ease than the regular Pro and it has a wider range of settings (you can make the pins closer and further than the Pro allows). Further, we offer the Dead Nuts Pro III which is the same as the Pro II except the extension is longer and it offers 3rd axis adjustment.

What size peep do you recommend for use with the original Dead Nuts line of pin sights?

We recommend using at least 3/16″ peep. A usefull peep is the Super Peep by Specialty Archery Products. This peep allows you the ability to change the peep hole size without much difficulty. Also, by removing the peep insert altogether, you get a very large peep sight. That is what the owners of Copper John use, a Super Peep with no insert. The peep size required will vary depending on the distance the sight is from the riser.