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    Copper John acquires Stanislawski Archery Products

    Auburn, New York, Tuesday, January 9, 2001

    Copper John Corp. co-owners Eric and Doug Springer and Stanislawski Archery Products owner Mel Stanislawski announced today that the two company’s have merged. The two companies will operate under the Copper John Corp. name although the traditional “Stan” style release aids will continue to be marketed under the Stanislawski brand name.

    With regards to the merger, Mr. Stanislawski says, “Eric and Doug will handle the operational responsibilities of the new company and will free me up to do what I really love, design new products. I have a totally new idea for a backtension release aid and plan to have it ready for the 2003 season.”

    Copper John Corp began operations in 1999 and sells sights, release aids, and rests. Stanislawski Archery Products has been around since the 1960′s and is best known for its’ revolutionary line of back tension release aids.

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